Water-based inks in screen printing those things

Tell you about the water-based inks in screen printing those things.

1.In screen printing, should pay attention to control water-based ink parameters, including ink viscosity, mobility, thixotropy and plasticity ect.

2.Pay attention to water-based ink control index. Water-based ink control indicators are fineness, viscosity, pH and drying speed etc, which play a decisive role in the ink application.

3.As the water-based ink system is pure water system, so be careful not to mixed use water-based ink, alcohol-based ink and solvent-based ink or add organic solvents into ink, so as to avoid printing quality problems.

4.When offset printing use water-based ink, it should be stirred evenly, measuring viscosity is suitable then pour into ink tank,if the viscosity is not suitable, it can be adjusted with thinner or thickener, and pay attention to controlling ink pH number, generally controlled at 8.5 ~ 9.5. In printing process, due to water volatilization, ink viscosity will increase, pH number drops, so we need often observe ink usage, found ink viscosity is rising or pH exceeds the control range, need timely use thinner and pH stabilizer to adjust, ensure the viscosity and pH stability.

5.Under normal circumstances,ink is very suitable for high-speed printing, in low-speed printing if you encounter drying too fast or printing ineffective circumstances, you can add a certain percentage of slow-drying agent.

6.After printing remaining ink should be returned to the corresponding original barrel or can tighten the ink tank cap,to prepared for next re-use. To prevent ink surface conjunctiva, thickened or even dry. Water-based ink should be stored in ventilated and cool indoor, room temperature control at 5 ~ 45 ℃.

7.Ink remaining on the printing equipment after printing can be rinsed with water when it is not completely dry, if ink can not be rinsed with water,then you can use cleaning agent to wash.

8.Ink printability effect by the printing conditions, substrate surface properties, environment temperature and humidity, storage time length and other objective conditions, so when in use, you need to use some additives for ink to do fine adjustments,then get the best printing results.


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