The labels without glue outline is coming

In ordinary screen printing and offset printing production, the glue edge is a phenomenon that is more or less present.But last month, an order from Russia for heat transfer labels.The client is a garment located in St. Petersburg city, Russia and provide clothes for many famous branding business such as FILA,puma and so on.

Meanwhile, the requirements for brand services are relatively high.The clothing manufacturer offer us high requirements from the high elasticity, washing and glue issues.Therefore, we made 3 production plans and improvements for this sample order.

First of all, in order to meet the demand for flexibility, we added 2 processes in the ordinary production plan.At present, the elasticity of this label is 2 times that of ordinary products.Make your clothes easy to stretch and excellently rebound.

Secondly, the water requirements of customers are also very strict,our label can be washed more than 40 times when the water temperature reaches 40 degrees.

Finally, no halo issue,we have produced the samples for three times.In the glue process, further improvements have been made to meet the needs for no glue edge labels.Your clothes will be more upscale with our no halo labels.

Product technical information:

Whether environmental protection: environmentally friendly PU material

Transfer temperature: 150-160 ℃

Press time: 20-21S

Textile care: washing temperature 40-60 degrees

Washing times: more than 40 times / reverse machine wash

Tearing method: cold peel / hot peel

Wonderful things are worth waiting for, we are also constantly improving, constantly upgrade.We have been on the road to make a progress.

If you have similar needs, please contact me.

Lily Kang

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