The Label On This Dress Ruined My Day…

Why am I being tortured by a collar label? It started this morning…

In the morning, I invited a few friends to play basketball and went out to meet them wearing the newly bought white jersey. I was proud, but on the way I found the collar tag hurt me a little. As I was in a hurry, I didn’t care so much.

In order to win, we began to play seriously, the competition between friends became intense, which made me sweat a little bit. I had fun with my friends and unconsciously attracted several pretty girls, one of whom was always paying attention to me and seemed to be discussing me with her friends. I thought she must be interested in me.

Taking advantage of the intermission, I deliberately ran to talk to that girl, but she just smiled and said that my jersey was very special and left with friends.

Our love had been gone through it never get started. I was confused and scratched my itchy neck.

Somehow, the neck was getting more and itchier, which affects the state of play. I had to go home first.

When I was taking off my clothes and preparing to take a bath, I found the label of the collar had faded and the jersey was dyed. No wonder the girl said that my jersey was special? The neck itch is definitely because of allergies… What the hell?

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Don’t let the details ruin everything.

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