How to Iron on glitter heat transfer vinyl on Tshirt

The color of the glitter is shiny and fantasy, very suitable for coming spring.

However many families don’t have a heat transfer machine. How to transfer the pattern to a T-shirt? Now  learn with me, you can do it with an electric iron.

How to cut?

First,  create your designs on your computer in mirror image (reverse)

Second ,place vinyl in the cutting machine with the PET facing up

Then cut the vinyl with cutting plotter, it is recommended that you perform a test cut before   hand in order to make sure you have your settings correctly

Third,Use a weeding tool to weed the unnecessary vinyl until you are satisfied.

How to heat transfer on Tshirt

1.Set your iron to either cotton or its highest setting (usually Linen)

2.Make sure your iron’s steam setting is turned off.  It is best practice to empty out any remaining water as well

3.Iron your fabric and smooth out as many wrinkles as possible

4.Grab a hard surface like a cutting board or something similar to place underneath your fabric

5.Position the transfer onto your fabric with the pet film (glossy side) facing up


  1. Apply heat to the entire transfer, PRESSING HARD for 20 – 25 seconds.  Make sure to do this for each part of the transfer EVENLY.
  2. Lift your iron
  3. Remove the Teflon sheet
  4. Allow the transfer to completely cool off. Then SLOWLY peel the clear pet film
  5. If the PET film is still sticking to your design, then place it back down and reapply steps 1 – 4


  1. Wait at least 24 – 48 hours before washing fabric
  2. Wash the fabric inside out in cold water
  3. Do not use harsh detergents like bleach
  4. Do not dry in dryer, and if you do, then use little to no heat, and have fabric turned inside out
  5. Hang fabric up to dry. 
  6. Do not iron directly over the heat transfer material


  1. Adheres to: Cotton, Polyester, Poly/Cotton Blends
  2. For use with all craft cutters
  3. Storage: Keep vinyl sheets in cool and dry place, away from sharp objects.  Keep the rest sealed.


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