Key:(1)you have to use offset screen printing.

(2)you should focus on the effect of gradient color ,the golden color ,silver color and other light color can’t be made through offset printing.

Key:(1)if customer send the sample,the designer should adjust the color ,try to be the same color with sample.

(2)you should tell customer offset screen printing is use the picture we made,we are not sure it is the same color with the picture he sent on email.

Key: you can’ can’t get what you what at that two effects. if customer wants to use proof effect,you can suggest him made grade C  with proof effect.because the proof effect of Grade A and Grade B isn’t good.

Key: you should ask customer to give you another layout which should within our effect layouts.for example,if customer ask 39*54 or 48*64,you should tell him we can only provide 36*51 and 45*61.

Key:The white glue has no shelf life ,what you need to do is to keep it well.

Key: if the picture is white ,it can appear white lines but it will effect the try to get rid of the white glue.

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